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Conference Proceedings Extended Abstracts Formatting Instructions (PDF)


The Environmental & Water Resources Institute invites you to submit an abstract to any of the topics listed:

Advances in Measurement Techniques

  • PIV/PTV and other image-based velocimetry techniques
  • Complex flow measurements
  • Bedload surrogates and tracers
  • Suspended-sediment surrogates
  • Acoustic flow and sediment measurements
  • Turbulence and discharge measurements
  • Measurements in extreme environments
  • Measurements with infrared cameras
  • Fiber-optic measurement tools
  • Photogrammetric applications in hydraulics

Remote Sensing and Environmental Measurements

  • Flows through vegetation
  • Automated water quality
  • Bed and floodplain roughness and topography
  • Sediment transport and load
  • Erosion measurement
  • Dispersion and dye tracing methods
  • Intelligent sensor networks
  • Autonomous vehicle/drone techniques
  • Temperature arrays and other distributed sensors
  • Radar and Large-scale PIV
  • Reach scale measurements
  • Morphologic measurements
  • LIDAR and terrestrial laser scanning for hydraulic applications

Data Management and Analysis

  • Processing/manipulation of experimental data
  • Application of laboratory and field measurements for CFD validation
  • Combining field/laboratory/simulations
  • Quality assurance and uncertainty analysis for hydraulic measurements
  • Quantification of measurement uncertainty
  • Data models for massive datasets
  • Telemetry and communications


  • Maximum of 300 words.
  • Abstracts should be clearly marked with the names, titles, credentials, and affiliations of authors and co-authors, presenters and co-presenters.
  • Papers and presentations should consider focusing on suggested topics.
  • All submissions should be sufficient to judge the quality and appropriateness of the work for consideration in the conference.
  • The name, organization, address, phone number, and email address of the primary author/presenter should be included.

Submit an Abstract

Conference Proceedings Extended Abstracts Formatting Instructions (PDF)


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