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Call for Submissions

Abstract submission deadline: extended to Wednesday, December 7

Before submitting, please read these submission rules carefully.

By submitting an abstract to EWRI’s 2023 HMEM Conference, you acknowledge that you understand that:

  • You are available to present at any time and in the format (oral presentation or poster presentation) that HMEM assigns your presentation. Presentation schedules, length of presentations and room/space arrangements may vary to accommodate the number of conference abstracts received.
  • It is mandatory that you register and pay for the conference. Speakers who have not registered will be withdrawn from the conference.
  • If you require travel, you acknowledge that you understand that ASCE cannot pay for your travel or other expenses. In some instances, you may need to obtain permission and/or funding from your agency/company to make this presentation, including registration and affiliated travel. Some travel requires for you to apply for your international travel paperwork in advance to obtain international travel permissions. Letters of invitation are available on request.

Thank you so much for your interest in submitting an abstract for the conference. We look forward to seeing you in Fort Collins in June!

Submit HMEM abstract

Abstract Guidelines

Abstracts must be:

  • Written in the best possible technical and grammatical English
  • Approximately 250 words but no longer than 1-page in length
  • Your own scientific, technical or project work but not literature review
  • No more than 2 submissions per person (as the presenter). Only 1 of which may be approved for oral presentation. Only 1 of which may be approved for poster presentation

Abstracts must NOT be:

  • Autobiographical
  • Including lists, tables, figures, display equations, footnotes, or references
  • Previously published (except if for oral presentation only)
  • Commercial or promotional

ASCE/EWRI membership is encouraged, but not required for submission


The Topics and Tracks for the 2023 HMEM Conference are as follows:


  • PIV/PTV and other image-based velocimetry techniques
  • Complex flow measurements
  • Bedload surrogates and tracers
  • Suspended-sediment surrogates
  • Acoustic flow and sediment measurements
  • Turbulence and discharge measurements
  • Measurements in extreme environments
  • Measurements with infrared cameras
  • Fiber-optic measurement tools
  • Photogrammetric applications in hydraulics


  • Flows through vegetation
  • Automated water quality
  • Bed and floodplain roughness and topography
  • Sediment transport and load
  • Erosion measurement
  • Dispersion and dye tracing methods
  • Intelligent sensor networks
  • Autonomous vehicle/drone techniques
  • Temperature arrays and other distributed sensors
  • Radar and Large-scale PIV
  • Reach scale measurements
  • Morphologic measurements
  • LIDAR and terrestrial laser scanning for hydraulic applications


  • Processing/manipulation of experimental data
  • CFD validation to enhance laboratory and field measurements
  • Quality assurance and uncertainty analysis for hydraulic measurements Quantification of measurement uncertainty
  • Data models for massive datasets
  • Telemetry and communications
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